Sagan’s Playground

About the Show

The popular kid on the playground invites you to play with her each and every weekday from 3-6pm.
From the jungle gym to the swings to the slides and see-saws, you are guaranteed to have fun and be educated when you step into her world.

School Yard Mondays:
Dedicated to students of all ages, the community and expanding knowledge
Oddball Tuesdays: Exploring all things strange, weird and bizarre
Play Date Wednesdays: Sexual educations, relationship advice and frank talks about the human anatomy
Swing Back Thursdays: A celebration of nostalgia and anything retro
Friday Recess: Plan the weekend and learn where to go, what to wear and where to buy it

Jungle Jam:
Sagan’s musical pick of the day with information about the artist
Hissy Fit: Humorous social commentary on things we have all experienced
What’s Trending: Stories that are developing this minute on social media

Urban Word:
Decipher what the kids are saying, current slang defined
Big Up: Highlight of of a student that is doing something extraordinary
What the kids are: Downloading, reading, watching, buying and listening to

Oddly Enough:
Weird, bizarre or strange news story of the day
Odd Job: Explore the most unique jobs on the island and around the world

Sweetest Taboo:
An upfront discussion on sexual health and disease prevention
Tight and Right: Health, nutrition, beauty and grooming tips
Ask Sagan: Ask Sagan a question about sex, health or relationships
Girl Talk: Cocktails, girls, gossip and a heavy dose of honesty

Time Machine:
Go back in time and learn what happened on this day years ago
Analogue Monologue: Reminiscing about the technology we grew up with
History Test: Win a prize and be called the smartest kid on The Playground

The Weekend:
News on all the events happening this weekend
War Paint: Beauty advice and how to get your general pretty on
Ball on a Budget, Party like a Baller: Find out how billionaires party and tips for a living large wit an average bank account
Cocktail: Weekly cocktail recipe that you can make at home

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