Ring and Amazon being sued over creepy camera hackings

Written by on December 28, 2019

Ring and it’s parent company Amazon are both being sued by customers who say they’re to blame for the fact that their devices keep getting hacked.

Ring and Amazon, which owns the security system, are now at the wrong end of a class-action lawsuit, claiming the companies were negligent by not providing “robust” security to fend off hackers.

The named plaintiff — John Baker Orange — claims last July someone hacked into his outdoor security cameras and started commenting on his kids who were playing basketball … encouraging them to get closer to the camera.

Of course, there’s the now-infamous video of a hacker talking to a little girl in her bedroom … telling her he was Santa Claus.

The lawsuit alleges there were at least 6 other hacks across the country. The suit claims Ring and Amazon have blamed the owners of the security system and refused to take any responsibility.

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