Pop Smoke shot and killed in home invasion

Written by on February 19, 2020

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Via The Guardian:

New York rapper Pop Smoke has been shot and killed in an apparent home invasion, according to multiple sources speaking to NBC and TMZ.

The rapper, real name Bashar Jackson, 20, was at home in Hollywood, Los Angeles, when two men wearing hoodies and masks entered the house and fired multiple shots, according to police sources quoted by TMZ. He was pronounced dead at a hospital in West Hollywood early on Wednesday.

The two men are apparently at large. Another man was briefly detained by police but released soon after.

On Tuesday, Jackson had posed for Instagram photos holding stacks of money in a luxury SUV outside a house in Los Angeles. He had located himself in the city earlier in the day on his Instagram stories. A friend had also posted photos of the pair together outside the house with an address number visible, while Jackson himself had posted footage of bags with labels including his address, leading to fears that the house was subsequently targeted in a robbery.

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