Shawn Mendes dances his way through the new video for ‘Wonder’

Written by on October 7, 2020

Shawn Mendes' "Wonder" Lyrics Meaning - What is Shawn Mendes' "Wonder" About

(Seventeen) – Shawn Mendes is finally back with new music and it was certainly worth the wait. After some speculation, a couple of leaks, and a surprise announcement, Shawn just released his first single “Wonder” off of his upcoming album of the same name. While fans will have to wait a little bit longer to listen to what else he has been working on, “Wonder” gives everyone a small glimpse on his new era.

The song’s first verse talks about the price of fame and the uncertainty that comes with it. Shawn opens up about wanting to be more himself, but being unable to do so because of who he is and how people would perceive him. Things are also more black and white to him because of the possible consequences that he might have to face and the life that he lives. Shawn also talks about fame and that it sometimes keeps him separated from his friends who live normal lives. He hopes that they are understanding about his life and don’t believe that he doesn’t care or think about them when he’s not around.

The track quickly goes into the chorus, where Shawn talks about falling in love with someone and the uncertainty of wondering if they have the same feelings for you.

Shawn talked about writing the album about her on SiriusXM Hits 1, “I think it’s interesting ’cause when your girlfriend is an insanely talented, real musician who writes her own music, it’s scary to write an album around her.”

“And she was with me when I was kind of in the studio doing it. I realized the trick is like, show her the really rough demo version from your phone that you recorded, and if she doesn’t like that, she’ll tell you, then don’t wait to show her the mixed finished product. Because if she doesn’t like it then, then you’re kind of, I don’t know what to say to you. I’m sorry.”

Shawn continues talking about the uncertainties of his life and fame in the second verse, saying how he is unable to talk openly about some things in his life. He also got real about toxic masculinity and how he feels ashamed of himself when he openly shows his emotions.

“I thought that I was a pretty open, emotional, guy until I started being in a relationship with someone that I really, truly love and, realizing that ‘Oh no, I really have this big ego, and I don’t want to show her that I’m hurting and I don’t want to show her that that offended me, and like I want to be the man, and I want to be strong in this relationship.’ It actually was hurting our relationship,” he told

The chorus and the outro are all about him wondering about starting this brand new relationship with someone, likely Camila. He believes that them getting together would help him to see things differently and that he hopes it happens so he can become a better person.

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