KFC’s New Commercial Is A Lifetime Movie with Mario Lopez as Col. Sanders

Written by on December 8, 2020

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(Vanity Fair) – When is a commercial not just a commercial? Fast food brand KFC and Lifetime answered that question on Monday with news of a project called A Recipe for Seduction, a parody short film done in the spirit of the network’s soapy thrillers—with Mario Lopez as Colonel Harland Sanders.

A trailer for the “film,” which debuts Sunday at 12 p.m. ET on Lifetime, shows Lopez playing a sexy version of the famed mascot who runs afoul of nefarious, high-class elitists who want to steal his fried chicken recipe. In a press release announcing the project, KFC described A Recipe for Seduction as filled with “mystery, suspense, deception, ‘fowl’ play and—at the heart of it all—love and fried chicken.”

“We know what audiences love about Lifetime movies, so our creative team took the lead on scripting the story to make sure it had the same sensibilities and struck all the beats of a Lifetime Original movie—from romance to drama to intrigue,” David DeSocio, executive VP of ad sales marketing and partnerships at A+E Networks, which owns Lifetime, said in an interview. “Then KFC added their brand elements and the cast brought it all to life.”

A Recipe for Seduction was conceptualized more than 18 months ago, but only just filmed this past October amid strict coronavirus protocols, Ad Age reported.

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