Peacock is straight-up selling subscriptions based on access to The Office

Written by on January 7, 2021

The Office
NBC (Getty Images)

(AV Club) -Sorry to Friends, we guess, but The Office is clearly NBC’s most popular property—so much so that the network’s streaming platform is now selling subscriptions based on how badly you want to watch it. The Office recently made the move from Netflix to Peacock, which has unveiled new subscription tiers centered around varying levels of access to the series. It’s actually a really clever model because, as we all know, The Office doesn’t get good until season two, and Peacock’s free tier only offers access to the first two seasons—and people who love the series (which is apparently everyone based on literally every article about The Office’s streaming whereabouts) aren’t going to settle for only having access to season two.

The good news for Office-heads is that Peacock’s pricing is pretty reasonable for a streaming platform. $4.99 a month gets you access to every episode of The Office (along with every movie and TV show on Peacock, and what amounts to the special features no one watched in The Office’s DVD box sets), but you’ll have to deal with watching ads—most of which are like, “IN THESE UNCERTAIN TIMES, DOVE SOAP IS HERE FOR YOU.” For $9.99 a month, you can get everything in the previous tier ad-free (or almost everything, according to the asterisk).

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