Iggy Azalea Writes Letter To Judge In Support Of Tory Lanez

Written by on August 8, 2023

(Yahoo) – Tory Lanez is receiving his sentence today (Aug. 7) for being convicted of shooting Megan Thee Stallion outside of a house party in July 2020. Legal affairs journalist Meghann Cuniff shared an update that Judge Herriford got several dozens of letters in support of Lanez. One of those letters was from rapper Iggy Azalea, which caught many people off guard.

Cuniff, who is tweeting live from the Los Angeles courthouse where the sentencing is being held, wrote, “Alright we are on the 90-minute break. Judge Herriford got 70+ letters of support for Tory Lanez, including one from @IggyAzalea. He briefly summarized each one. Two jailers wrote letters, one spoke in court. Lanez’ father, Sonstar Peterson, was the last speaker before the break.”

Although the reporter was unable to read the letters herself, she assures she will be able to see them eventually. Cuniff shared that Judge Herriford said Azalea’s letter asks him to impose a sentence “that is transformational, not life destroying.”

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