Denver Broncos to bench quarterback Russell Wilson for the remainder of the 2023 NFL season

Written by on December 28, 2023

(CNN) – The Denver Broncos are benching quarterback Russell Wilson for the remainder of the 2023 NFL season, team head coach Sean Payton told reporters on Wednesday.

“Rather than get into the specifics — because I think that would be unfair today — it’s more about what we weren’t doing effectively enough offensively,” Payton said.

“When we were getting two or three turnovers, that’s one thing. Ultimately, our job is to get the ball in the end zone, and we have to be more efficient doing that — all of us.”

Payton said Jarrett Stidham will start the final two games of the season. Stidham, a former fourth-round draft pick of the New England Patriots in 2019 out of Auburn University, was signed as a free agent this past offseason.

Payton added that the decision was not an indictment on only Wilson but the offense as a whole.

“I can’t replace the entire offensive line,” Payton said. “I can’t bring in five new receivers. If it continues over a period of time, there will be another guy here talking to you, as well. These are difficult decisions.

“Obviously, there’s more attention when it’s the quarterback who’s under contract, but different than maybe earlier decisions we’ve made with last year’s prior starters.”

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