Taraji P. Henson’s Net Worth Is Impressive Despite Hollywood’s Pay Disparity

Written by on December 28, 2023

(Distractify) – As many fans know, Taraji P. Henson is one of those actors who makes you feel their every emotion. From her unforgettable turns on Empire to The Color Purple, one isn’t likely to walk away from a TV show or movie she stars in without truly being moved.

However, Taraji has talked about quitting acting due to pay disparity for Black women in Hollywood. So what is her net worth? Keep reading for all of the details.

Taraji P. Henson’s net worth is still sky high.

While promoting the remake of The Color Purple, Taraji said, “I’m just tired of working so hard, being gracious at what I do [and] getting paid a fraction of the cost.”

“I’m tired of hearing my sisters say the same thing over and over. You get tired. I hear people go, ‘You work a lot.’ Well, I have to,” she continued. “The math ain’t math-ing. When you start working a lot, you have a team. Big bills come with what we do. We don’t do this alone. It’s a whole team behind us. They have to get paid.”

Of course, Taraji is one A-lister who knows the ups and downs of show business well, having been a working actor since the late 1990s, starring in films including Hustle & FlowThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Hidden Figures.

To be fair, she still has an impressive net worth, with Celebrity Net Worth claiming Taraji is worth a cool $12 million.

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