Android Auto is getting new AI feature to summarize messages

Written by on February 27, 2024

(Sammobile) – During the launch of the Galaxy S24 series, Google announced an AI-powered feature for Android Auto that can summarize messages that you receive while driving and provide you with various options depending on the context of messages to perform various actions. This feature keeps you from taking your eyes off the road to read those messages and perform certain actions, thereby, helping you focus on driving and prevent accidents.

Today, Google has announced that it has started rolling out that feature. The company hasn’t revealed how it is offering the new feature but we assume that it offering it with an update to the Android Auto app through Google Play Store.

The first time you use Android Auto after updating the app to the latest version, it will show you a prompt asking you if you want to use the AI-powered feature. To use it, just say “yes” and it will activate that feature. After that, when you use Android Auto and receive a message that’s above 40 words, Android Auto will show the “Play” option on the infotainment screen. Once you click that option, it will play the summary of the message.

If the message is below 40 words, the feature will simply read out the message as it is. Along with summarizing messages, it will show you multiple options based on the context of the message, such as relevant replies. It will also give you options to share ETA and live location with the person who messaged you. Google says that it will not log any messages or summaries, and will not use interactions to train its large language models (LLM).

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