Chance The Rapper Goes Viral For Catching A Twerk At Jamaica Carnival

Written by on April 19, 2023

(Vibe) – Chance The Rapper had a blast at Jamaica Carnival, but the internet is split on what they saw. The 30-year-old artist was recorded dancing provocatively with a woman, yielding a plethora of judgmental responses.

The viral video, which surfaced on Monday (April 17), finds the Coloring Book rapper shirtless while catching a twerk from a woman. At one point, the Chicago artist slaps her behind twice before standing up and looking into the camera with enthusiasm. Though this is commonplace for the annual celebration, internet users quickly questioned his marital status and why he was there.

While the jokes and critiques poured in, some people familiar with Jamaica Carnival stood up for the GRAMMY winner. “They’re mad at Chance the Rapper for ‘cheating on his wife’ y’all,” one user wrote. “Don’t bring that European nonsense to this ethnic household and let that man enjoy Caribbean culture.”

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