New movie ‘El Muerto’ starring Bad Bunny in Spider-Man spinoff on hold for now

Written by on June 23, 2023

(ABC 7) –

A new Spider-Man spinoff set to star Bad Bunny is on hold for now.

Sony Pictures has put the brakes on “El Muerto” for the time being and taken the title off its release schedule.

Jonás Cuarón is on board to direct the feature film. It had not started shooting yet. Deadline reports the film remains in development, but between Bad Bunny’s tour schedule and the WGA strike, it is tough to finalize a shoot and then release date.

“El Muerto” was set to be the first live-action Marvel project starring a Latino character. The title role is an antihero, and the son of a luchador, or Mexican wrestler.

Bad Bunny ended 2022 as the artist with the top grossing tour according to Billboard Boxscore. He was also the most streamed artist according to Spotify and was named Apple Music’s “Artist of the Year.”

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